Friday, April 19, 2013

Simple Pleasures

TGIF!!! It seems like it's taken forever, but my trip is nearly here! I.Cannot.Wait.

New York City
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I've never been to the Big Apple, but I'm looking forward to seeing Time Square and some other sights before jet-setting to Jamaica! Who knows, NYC may draw me in with the hustle and bustle and make me want to return there again in the very near future!

Trading the Sun for the sun

I've been indulging in a little fake 'n bake action in preparation for the Jamaican sun. While the Sun (the model of tanning bed I've been using) has been more than good to me, I'm ready to ditch the bulbs and soak in the real rays. 

New Luggage

Photo found here
Since my orange suitcase now has a gaping hole in it (thank you airport baggage handlers), I had to get a new one for my trip. Luggage can be incredibly expensive, but I have the most amazing mom in the entire world because she's the one who bought me my new bag. I'm pretty sold on the hard case, four-wheeled spinner types because I can pack things on two sides instead of one large space, but the plastic seemed so flimsy on them all that I couldn't justify letting my mom spending that kind of money for one. Then, there was the orange fabric spinner, but I knew it'd be ridiculously dirty by the time I got home. I couldn't make a decision, I was beginning to get discouraged and I was thinking of settling. I didn't have to though because my mom came to the rescue when she found a garment bag style bag! This Guess Waldorf bag gave me the ability to pack on two sides as I like to do, was in a great dark charcoal color, and the price was right for the quality of the item. This bag originally retailed for $500, but you better believe no one shelled out that kind dough. Thanks for the bag Mom!


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