Monday, April 22, 2013


I have this terrible habit of overpacking. I do it every single time I take a trip. I'm the type of person who has to pack, unpack, and repack several times before getting it right. After a few attempts, I finally did. At least I think so anyway. I'll find out soon enough!

The hardest part about packing for this trip was packing for two completely different climates. The east coast is still practically winter weather (at least in my Californian opinion), so I had to make sure I had close-toed shoes and a sweater or two. Jamaica was a little easier with shorts, dresses, sandals, and one too many bikinis. I think I'll be alright with what I packed, and if I need something, I can always buy it. I was just trying really hard to not overpack by much. So far, I think I've succeeded. I'm already a couple of days into my trip, and while I definitely enjoyed the time I spent in Delaware, I really can't wait to arrive in good ol' NEW YORK CITY!!! It won't be long now!


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