Tuesday, April 30, 2013


If you tell someone you're going on vacation to New York City or Jamaica, they won't really bat an eye. But if you tell them you're going to Delaware, a strange look passes over their face and they ask, "Why?"

It originally started off as just a trip to Delaware with the possibility of going to NYC. A friend of mine, Ken, is considering accepting a transfer position from California to the tiny little state on the East coast, but since he had never been there he wasn't sure whether or not he wanted to do it. So, he decided to take a trip to check it all out and invited me to come along so I could give him a second opinion on the whole thing. I thought it sounded like fun and a nice little break from work. We talked about stopping over in New York since it's relatively close and then it just morphed from there.

Our 545AM flight from San Francisco was made more appealing by the fact that we were flying first class. Let me tell you, between the food and the seats, I was happy to be sitting where I was sitting. We waiting until after our layover in Colorado to begin drinking (by then it was 11) and I thought it was the perfect time to order a Bloody Mary.

Lunch followed shortly thereafter, and even though I was still a bit full from our earlier inflight breakfast, I decided to indulge myself anyway...hey, I was on vacation!

Once we finally reached our destination in the city of Newark, we went out to dinner to check out the night life and see what Main Street had to offer. Newark is home to the University of Delaware, and with a bunch of twenty-somethings roaming around, it's undoubtedly a college town.

We ate dinner a little after 8 at Klondike Kate's, a rustic little restaurant with miss-matched chairs and wooden tables and an incredibly friendly staff. The Hummus Wrap I ordered was delicious and the service was wonderful. Definitely a place to frequent if you were to live there. Afterward we wandered around, but since it seemed like activities didn't pick up until a couple of hours later, we found a place that had something to offer us right then. With the sweet sound of live music floating through the open door of the Santa Fe Mexican Grill, we found a place to enjoy one last drink and the rest of the evening.

The band instantly captured my attention. Song after song I found myself swaying to the sound of the Chorduroy Band's acoustic trio. It was like they knew what songs I wanted to hear and they were playing every single one. Before we left, I went to find out who they were because I wanted to listen to them play all day every day. Seriously, if they had an album for sale, I would have bought it without a second thought. When they found out where I was from, they asked if there was a California song I wanted to hear, but I told them I was just happy to hear the songs they were already playing. Then, the guy on the left with the dark hair and the hat who was playing one of the guitars said he knew a California song. I wasn't about to walk out before hearing what they were going to play, and when he started playing that Led Zeppelin song, Going to California, I nearly fell in love. It certainly didn't hurt that he was easy on the eyes and had a great voice. I've already mentioned that I fall in love with a voice, and that's exactly what happened when I heard him take the lead on that song. I could've sat there all night. It was truly a great way to start my vacation.


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