Sunday, March 17, 2013

Simple Pleasures

St. Patrick's Day is today and even though I'm not a full blown Irish person, I do have a speck or two in me. So when I tell someone in my Irish accent to, "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" I won't actually be lying. In honor of the 17th, here are some of my simple pleasures...

Four Leaf Clover

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There's nothing quite like finding a four leaf clover in a patch of shamrocks. I've only found one once in my entire life and I picked it, pressed it, and promptly lost it! Even though I know they are few and far between I'll still be keeping my eyes pealed!

Pot O' Gold

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I know there aren't leprechauns running around and there isn't a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but it sure is nice to dream! Seriously, how cool would this scenario be...your son or daughter wants to chase a rainbow and look for it's end because they just KNOW they're going to find a pot of gold there and maybe even a leprachaun if they're lucky. You wait for a semi-rainy day, and he/she races inside from puddle jumping to tell you there's a rainbow! So you all pile into the car and drive off to see if you can find the end of the rainbow.  The parents who are humoring their kid laugh to themselves while they're youngin' in the back squeals with delight at the prospect of what they might find. Said parents are also devising a way to overcome their child's inevitable disappointment. But then....what is that? A man dressed in green off to the side of the rural road? And what is that? A REAL POT OF GOLD????? A bored and charitable millionaire decides to spread some joy (and wealth) to unsuspecting rainbow chasers. I'm just could happen.


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I'm not usually one to drink dark beers, but I couldn't pass up a Dublin brewed beverage on a day like today. I only had one and it was refreshing and surprisingly pleasant. The atmosphere certainly didn't hurt either since I was sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine and good conversation. It's likely I'll partake in another sometime in the future, but for now, I think I'm good. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


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