Monday, March 18, 2013

Sephora Obsessed.

I know I have a major obsession with Sephora. I probably spend way too much time on their website and I've spent my fair share of money there on makeup and skin care products, but I don't care! I L.O.V.E Sephora. One of the things I love most, besides the fact that they carry so many quality, high-end products, is their Beauty Insider program. It's easy to accumulate points, and with several options in the 100 point range and ever-changing 500 point perks, it makes the experience that much more exciting.

I've only used my reward points once (I like to hoard them until I find an item on their list that I cannot live without) and that was on a 500 Point NARS set, which made an appearance last November.

Photo from Sephora

It was one of the best "purchases" I've made there.

In order to join the ranks of the VIBs (Very Important Beauty Insiders) you do have to spend $350 during the calendar year, and I'm well on my way to solidifying my VIB status once again. Since I'm a single girl on a budget, I allocate money to different areas each month, but I specifically have a Sephora Fund. You may think it's silly, but it's a must-have when I spend $48 on foundation alone. Not to mention that I really like making online purchases because of the samples. I'm a sucker for a sample. And they give you THREE! It's how I've found some of the other skin care products I use and it's a great way to try out fragrances without having to commit. When you get down to brass tacks, Sephora really knows what they're doing and it shows. Whether I'm making an online purchase or walking into a store, I always have a smile on my face. 

Want to see more about Sephora's VIB program? Check out the video below!


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