Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dream Jobs Part Quatre: Acting Edition

If someone asked me what it is I do, I probably wouldn't start off by saying I'm an actor. Even though I have an agent and I'm SAG eligible. I haven't gone on an audition in months (the two times they called, I couldn't make it) and I have yet to book a paying gig up here. I know part of that has to do with the numbers game. I'm not going to book every commercial audition I go on and there are too few jobs up here for me to be auditioning regularly. So, if I'm only going on a handful or two of auditions every year, then my chances of booking something are slim. I'm not saying I'd be booking more jobs if I were living in L.A., but I certainly think I'd be going on more auditions in general. Not to mention that I really don't think I'm a commercial actor. I really think I'd be much better with a role on T.V. or in film. So, even though I'm making the best of the few auditions I get, I'm definitely not going to stop dreaming about landing a role in something amazing. So, here are some of my dream acting jobs for television dramas.

Sons of Anarchy
Photo from FX
I've been a fan of Sons since the beginning. Besides the fact that Charlie Hunnam is a total babe, SAMCRO reeled me in with its story lines and the seemingly alluring, dangerous life of being involved with a motorcycle club. When Opie died I actually shed a tear or two...his death was definitely mourned. Sorry for the spoiler if you aren't up to date, but it's likely you heard about it already. Anyway, I could definitely play the part someone's old lady and the best part is, I wouldn't have to try to hide my tattoos. In fact, they may even want to add some more! I haven't seen the end of Season 5 yet, but if Juice is still on there, he could probably use a girlfriend.

Photo found here
I haven't the slightest idea what I role I'd play, but I love the show. Since it's Showtime, there tends to be nudity involved, but I'm not about to go flashing my ta-tas for everyone to see, so they'd either have to make me a friend of the daughter or a CIA agent who doesn't take her clothes off. Either way, this show is fantastic and it would be truly amazing to play a part in it.

The Following
Photo found here
With only six more episodes left in the first season, I'm interested to see how things will unfold and hopefully (finger's crossed) the show will be renewed. That said, I think it would be interesting to play one of Joe Carroll's deranged followers. There are plenty of them to go around and I think I could pull it off even though I certainly don't dream about actually writing a chapter in his twisted novel.


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