Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Girl Is On Fire

I'm not a world class singer, but I do love to sing. Always have, always will. I sing in the usual places people sing...the shower, the car, the dressing room in a department store, the grocery store, walking from Point A to Point B. I'll even occasionally break out into song during a conversation if the timing is right, but usually I'm just singing to myself. This was the case on Sunday after watching Alicia Keys perform "Girl On Fire" as well as a couple of other songs at the NBA All-Star game. After the performance, I was walking to the trash to throw something away and I sang out a line from the chorus. The next thing I know, my mom says to my sister, "Oh, is [Alicia Keys] singing that song again?" And then I turned around, laughed, and hugged my mom for unknowingly giving me a huge compliment - because having my singing voice being mistaken for Alicia Keys' (even from just one line of a song) is a pretty awesome compliment...and I'll take it!


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