Friday, February 1, 2013

Simple Pleasures

I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to the weekend. Especially because Super Bowl Sunday is in two days! I'll be attending a Super Bowl party that I've been going to for the past few years now and this time I'm supposed to bring an appetizer. I haven't quite made up my mind on what I'm bringing yet, but I'll figure it out. I might just bypass the app, and bring a dessert. It's so much easier for me to decide what to bring when it's a dessert.

Anyway, here are some food items that I've either been enjoying or have been wanting to make. 

Green Kit Kat

If you know me, you know that Kit Kats are one of my favorite candy bars. More specifically, the Big Kat. This time, however, I broadened my horizons and partook in a Kit Kat from Japan. The Sakura Matcha Kit Kat was slightly intimidating at first (it was green afterall), but once after I took one bite, I was in heaven.

Caprese Pops
Photo found here
There's just something so delicious about a Caprese salad that these appetizers are perfect as a bite-sized alternative. Besides, the cherry tomatoes are screaming, "GO 49ers!"

Zucchini Chips
Photo found here
I like potato chips just as much as the next person, but I really like this substitution with zucchini. It's the perfect little guilt-free treat because these ones are baked, not fried! I could definitely nosh on these while watching Colin Kaepernick throw around the football during the big game!


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