Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reverse Effect

Last July I wrote about how my hair was doing the trendy ombre thing. Since I've promised my seester that I wouldn't outrightly blog about why she thinks the ombre trend has been so popular, I'll just say that I think so many people are doing it because their hair is ridiculously over-processed and they're wanting to give their tresses a break. They may also just want to mostly grow it out so they can start fresh. For me personally, I want to see what my natural hair color looks like again before I start getting those pesky grays popping up all over. So far, so good. Not a gray in sight (knock on wood) and I'm seeing my natural highlights again. Trust me, they are blonde, not gray.

A more dramatic reverse ombre than I will be experiencing : Photo found here
If I hadn't ventured back to the dark side in early August, I would've had way more outgrowth than I do now, but I also would've HATED the color at the ends and while it was growing out. Luckily, the black has faded to a rich, dark brown and looks slightly more natural than it did the first few months after I had it done. Not to mention that I seem to have a few more lighter colors peeking through from all of those bleach washes. So for now, I'll be embracing a reverse ombre look with my hair since the color coming in is lighter than my ends rather than the ombre that's been trending with darker roots and lighter tips. Now I just need to practice some patience while I wait for my hair to grow and grow and grow. Easier said than done.


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