Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orchid Love

Once upon a time, a man brought in an orchid plant to work and I was the lucky employee who got to take it home with me. It was already in bloom and stayed that way for quite some time until the flowers started to drop off. Being that I usually have quite the black thumb, I assumed I had killed it after a year went by and there were no new buds or growth. Most likely because I wasn't watering it as much as I should have and really only did it when I had a little bit of water left over in a water bottle. Anyway, I started watering it about once a week, making sure not to over water it and one day I noticed that this happened.

Okay, so I didn't take that picture right when I noticed it. After I started to see that it wasn't a fluke, I snapped it with my iPhone. And as the weeks passed, it continued to grow and grow and grow and the next thing I knew, there was a small bud!

I was so excited that there was the potential for a new flower! Especially once it started to get bigger and another new bud formed and I realized that maybe my thumb wasn't so black after all.

Except, the smaller bud eventually shriveled up and fell off. I can't say that it was completely my fault because I didn't change anything, but I'm thinking maybe the larger bud was stealing all of the resources and the little bud wasn't getting what it needed. But that's okay, because the first bud kept growing and before I knew it, it was about to bloom!

I could hardly contain my excitement. I was telling anyone and everyone that would listen that my orchid was alive and nearly blooming! I just knew it was going to open up in the next few days and so it began...

When I saw it really starting to open up, I knew by the end of the following day that it was going to be completely open....and it was!

You've never seen someone so excited to see a flower in bloom! I was so proud of myself for not killing the plant that I had to take a photograph every time something new was happening. Thankfully, it wasn't all in vain because I'm really proud of this minor accomplishment. My plants don't usually have this type of outcome and it's even more shocking because orchids can be so temperamental.

So now that I know that I do have the potential to keep plants alive with a little bit of love and care, I'm going to keep tending to my precious plant in hopes that it will continue to thrive and produce more lovely little fleurs.


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