Monday, February 11, 2013

Cheese Straws

As you know, I was told to bring an appetizer to the Super Bowl. Appetizers are not my strongest area in the kitchen. Rather, dessert is. Instead of just doing what I wanted to do (make a dessert), I stuck with it and figured out an appetizer to bring...that morning. I had been racking my brain for over a week trying to figure out something fun to bring, but all I was coming up with were deviled eggs, a vegetable tray, or some kind of chips and dip. Boring!

I searched online for "quick and easy Super Bowl appetizers" and didn't find very much worth looking at. That's when I realized that I hadn't even cracked open any of the cook books I have in my cabinet. DUH. I have an entire book labeled "Appetizers" and it didn't even cross my mind to look at it until then. Unfortunately, that one was fairly useless because I didn't think the finger foodies in attendance were going to like the fishy flavors this book was touting (think salmon and caviar). So, I opened another book, which I think is from the 70s, and practically flipped straight to the recipe I was going to use. Cheese Straws. Quick AND easy.

Recipe from the Creative Cooking Course by The Creative Homemaker's Academy
I still had to make a quick trip to the store to get the cheese and cayenne pepper, but once I had them, it was pretty easy to make. I made a few alterations to the recipe like using extra sharp cheddar and I doubled the amount of cayenne pepper to 1/4 tsp., but other than that, I followed it straight up. Although, knowing what I know now, I might've chosen to use a cookie press instead of a pastry bag to give my hands a break from squeezing, or even just rolled the dough between my hands to make my own straws. Regardless of the method you use, they're going to turn out great. I made them small like the recipe called to, but you can make these as long or short as you like or even make them a little less straw-like and roll them into little bite-size balls (which will likely flatten a bit).

These little guys were a HUGE hit! I had so many requests for the recipe and one guy even thought they were store bought, which I took as the compliment he intended. I've also been told they taste a little like a Cheez-It. Can't beat that! Next time I make these it'll be alongside a big bowl of tomato soup. Enjoy!


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