Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recaptured.

This past weekend was not solely spent sitting idly on the couch catching up on television shows as it sometimes is. Although I did spend a considerable amount of time watching the Harbough brothers lead their teams to Super Bowl XLVII, which many people are already referring to as the HarBowl. Of course, I'll still be rooting for the 49ers and their Quest for Six, and even more so for Colin Kaepernick because the boy can play some serious football. Have I mentioned my school girl crush on him?

Getting back to the beginning of the weekend, Saturday was spent walking around the town of Carmel.  My sister and I tagged along with my parents, but we split off and did our own thing. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but I did make a few purchases. One of them being this adorable box of matches from Piccolo.

My sister bought three skeins of yarn at Knitting by the Sea. Since she doesn't know how to knit, I'll be the one making the scarf, but I don't mind. Anything for my seester. We must have spent a good half an hour in there talking with the owner, which was quite enjoyable because she was pretty cool.

My parents picked up this delicious bread topper, which we enjoyed on Sunday while we watched the San Francisco game, and it was divine. The vegetable spread that was set out was amazing, but this jar of goodness stole the show.

This is what the baguette slices looked like after being placed in the oven to warm and then under the broiler to brown a bit. I wanted to eat the whole plate of them. They were THAT good. 

Pardon the crumbs

The overall day spent in Carmel was fantastic. I really had a great time walking around to the little shops and stopping into a gallery showcasing Todd White's artwork. Lunch was spectacular at Grasing's where I ordered the Grilled & Marinated Vegetable Salad and discovered that I actually DO enjoy portobello mushrooms - when prepared in such a way that leaves them blackened and a little crispy on the exterior. 

We didn't spend much time at the plaza since it tends to have stores more stores that can be found at the mall, but we did conclude our trip there and I almost bought this pair of corduroy pants at Anthropologie. I may reconsider that purchase at a later date, but at the time I was content with my matches and the knit ear warmer/headband that I picked up in Adam Fox, another little shop, on our way out. 

Even though I wasn't able to meet up with one of my friends from school while I was down there, I was still really grateful to be able to spend the day with my family. And what a pleasant day it was. 


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