Monday, January 14, 2013

Blood Transfusion.

On Saturday I had a blood transfusion. 

The silver and black that had been coursing through my veins for so long just bled right out. 
The gold and red poured in. 

Now I have always stayed true to the fact that I am a Bay Area fan, meaning that I root for the teams on both sides of the bay. Oakland, however, has always been my #1 team while San Francisco brought up the rear at #2. Everything changed on Saturday. At least in terms of football.

It started out as an innocent Google search of the 49ers roster. Google does this great thing where they show the roster of a team at the top of the page complete with their photo, name, and position. Naturally, Alex Smith was listed first, but the photo next to his was the one that caught my eye. Colin Kaepernick. Little did I realize, he was starting the game that night. And what a show that was!

Photo found here
I was impressed. Granted, things didn't exactly start off well when he threw a pick six on the fourth play of the game, but Kaepernick redeemed himself. Over and over again. Watching him play was exciting! He set records! Colin Kaepernick single-handedly changed this Raider football loving girl into a bonafide Niners girl. I never thought I'd say the San Francisco 49ers were my #1 team, but they are now. Thanks to Kaep. 

I've already said it once, and I'll say it again - I totally have a school girl crush on Colin Kaepernick. 


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