Friday, December 7, 2012

Simple Pleasures

When things aren't going well in life, it's often harder to reflect on the positive things. In an attempt to still be grateful for the good things in my life while I'm struggling with sadness, here are some simple pleasures. 

A Finished Christmas List
Photo found here
Anyone who has ever asked me what I want for Christmas knows that I often have a difficult time thinking of an answer. Ask me to make a list and you may as well be asking me to fly to the moon. Usually my list gets about as far as the photo above...blank. This year, after a week or two of my mom asking me what I wanted, I finally put together a list. Shocked? So was she.

Christmas With the Carpenters

Photo found here

One of my best friends turned me onto The Carpenters while we were in school. Now, I can't make it through the Christmas season without listening to Christmas Portrait. Every song makes me smile and I sing along like I've known these songs my whole life. There's just something about it that takes me back and makes me feel like I'm really getting into the holiday spirit.

Christmas in the Office

We don't decorate much here for any holiday, but this year I have two small poinsettias and a a small penguin bowl to hold the peppermints. I've been waiting all year to pull out the penguin again because I was so excited about getting it last year at Ulta. Now I can finally use it!


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