Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Private Relations

Baby talk. 

And I don't mean talking about having a baby. I mean talking like a baby. Baby talk is acceptable when talking to an actual baby because they are so darn cute it's nearly impossible not to. It is also acceptable when talking to an animal. It is. Trust me. When it comes to talking to an adult, well, there are rare (I repeat, RARE) occasions where this may be deemed acceptable. Like when in reference to "running home to mommy" or something of the sort. It may also be okay when saying, "pwetty pwease?" Sometimes that can be endearing or at least get you to crack a smile. However, consistently speaking to your significant other in a baby voice is not cute. It may be in the early stages of a relationship, but eventually it will get old. Do you really want to feel like that person's mommy or daddy? Probably not. You want them to be your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife, not your child. Too much baby talk can be a turn off. So ease up on the baby talk and talk like an adult. It will do everyone a world of good.

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