Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

It's been a while since I've worked on any kind of art project. Maybe I was waiting for inspiration, or maybe I was just being lazy. Whatever the case, I found a reason to dive back in with a birthday card for Jenn's 25th birthday. I already had an idea brewing in my mind, so I set out to execute it by sifting through the piles of paper swatches I had torn out from magazines. I tend to gravitate toward unfinished edges, so scissors don't usually make an appearance during the tearing out process, or the collage process for that matter. When I need a clean line, X-ACTO knives are my friends.

The front of the card was easy. The bottom layer only consisted of three pieces, but I knew I was going to layer the bright red collaged "25" on top of it so I opted to keep it a little more simple. The final result exceeded my vision.

The inside of the card had an image of several jellyfish with layers of black and white images behind it. I was so pleased with it. I was even more pleased when I decided to scan the image to make a cleaner product for the card and the jellyfish almost seemed to glow brighter than the original.

Collage is easily one of my favorite mediums and even though I don't always rely solely on magazine clippings, sometimes they just transform the whole piece. I'm already planning my next collage which seems to be falling into pink-hued images. I seem to have a tendency to create collages that have a color theme. Maybe it was the series I did during college, but I like bringing different hues of the same color family together to create a beautiful or interesting image. Well, what I think are beautiful or interesting images! We all have different ideas of what art is or should be and I'm no different. If you like my art, great! If you don't, just don't be mean about it. Thanks in advance. There's something about sitting down and working on a project that makes me feel calm and more balanced. Now if only I could create art all day every day! What a life that would be!


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