Thursday, November 8, 2012

Main Squeeze

Earlier this week my boss purchased several bags of oranges from a guy who was selling them on the corner near the office. He passed them out to the employees and I took home a bag for myself. There were far too many oranges for me to eat before they went bad, so I decided to make orange juice. Fresh squeezed orange juice is well worth the extra time it takes to make versus pulling out a plastic jug of the store bought stuff. As long as you have an electric juice press, it makes the whole juicing process nearly effortless.

Within 15 minutes (tops!) I had fresh orange juice and it couldn't have tasted more delicious. I knew I couldn't keep it all for myself, so I shared it with my parents who were delightfully surprised at how wonderful a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice could taste without adding any sugar...or anything else for that matter. Now that I know how fast and easy it is to make my own orange juice, I think I'll be doing it a lot more often.

Next time I'll be adding a little champagne and enjoying a mimosa with a Saturday brunch!


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