Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween to Christmas

I love autumn. It may just be my favorite season after all. The only problem I have with autumn, is that immediately after Halloween, I'm thrown into the Christmas season and don't get to fully enjoy it. It's not winter yet people. We still have Thanksgiving to deal with before bringing out the Christmas spirit!

This morning I was met with this...

Yes, Starbucks has officially rolled out their Christmas cups. I even saw an Advent calendar for sale. December 1st is a MONTH away! Bring out the calendar the day after Thanksgiving. Or two weeks before December 1st tops.

Photo found here

That said, I am still partaking in autumny things and looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner before I have to worry about decorating for Christmas. I've been indulging in the pumpkin seeds I roasted that I saved from pumpkin carving the other night. They actually turned out really well. I wasn't sure if I was going to soak them in water first, so I rinsed them off and laid them out to dry. I should've just soaked them. I ended up doing it after the fact and it turns out it wasn't too late to do so. I put them in a bowl of heavily salted water and left them to soak on the counter for 24 hours. Then I briefly rinsed them in a colander and returned them to the empty bowl. From there, I added some sea salt I ground up and decided to add a few splashes of olive oil after the fact. More dashes of salt followed and then I spread them out on a couple of cookie sheets. Thirty minutes later, I had my first batch of seeds and they were delish! I've been snacking on them all day at work! They certainly aren't the prettiest seeds (I think they would've been if I had just soaked them right off), but they sure are tasty.

I will be thoroughly indulging in all things autumn for the next few weeks before I seriously need to start thinking about Christmas presents. That's a whole different dilemma I'm avoiding!


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