Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recaptured

This past weekend I had the luxury of a 3-day. I took Friday off to spend the day with my seester since she had been on vacation all week and we haven't had a full day to spend with each other in quite some time. The night before we talked about things that we could do...HMB, SF, bowling, mini golf, heading up to Oakland to eat at restaurant she's been wanting to try. We didn't really establish anything initially. We veered off topic and started chit-chatting about other things before finally coming to the conclusion that we were going to go to San Francisco to Chinatown.

She had been wanting to buy some new China flats, so we decided to go to the city, even if it meant we were only going to be spending a few hours there. We took BART because it's so ridiculously convenient, and arrived there around 11. We hadn't had our morning caffeine jolts yet, so we stopped at Starbucks and fulfilled that need before walking a few blocks up Grant Street to the gate to Chinatown.

Photo found here
We browsed some of the shoes that were outside of a few of the first shops, but then we hit the motherload. There were flats galore outside of one particular store, China Station, and they were exactly what she was looking for. She debated between the black velvet flats and the black textured flats, but ended up with the ones she originally was going for - the black velvet. There was another pair of orange flats that were made out of a linen or burlap that were just screaming her name and so, she got those too. I had my eye on a pair of navy velvet flats to wear with all of the navy items I just can't seem to take out of my closet. I have a hard time wearing my black flats with my navy tops, so I figured this would be a good way to finally wear more navy! At $14, it was a steal.

From there we continued on our way up through Chinatown and eventually landed in Little Italy. We were pretty hungry at this point, so when my seester saw a sign for paninis at Caffe Greco. I was sold. I have a tendency to avoid meat, but the panini with prosciutto, mozzarella, and peppers was making my mouth water, so I ordered that with a small Pellegrino. I polished off that sandwich.

I couldn't wait to take a photo...hence the bite taken out of the sandwich.
After lunch, we continued on and stopped in a candy shop. We left empty handed, but we made sure to stop at See's to get a chocolate fix before deciding we were ready to go home. There she treated me to a few of my favorite chocolates: a Raspberry Cream, a Butterscotch Square, and an Apple Pie Truffle. Delish!

All photos from here

Overall, the day was well spent. We had stopped to browse at DSW (though we didn't purchase anything) and of course the first pair of shoes I picked up ON THE SALE RACK were $300. Yes, I have good taste. Our last shopping stop was at Old Navy (twice in one month???) where my seester picked up a couple of long sleeved tees and I found a new blouse for work. It wasn't on super sale like my blue shirt was, but it was still on sale and it'll be a nice addition to my closet. Plus, I can wear my new blue shoes with them! 

I always enjoy a three-day weekend, but this one was particularly good because I was able to spend some quality time with my wonderful seester. We should do things like this more often!


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