Thursday, October 11, 2012

Steals, Not Deals

While perusing the web, I stumbled across these shoes at Nordstrom by Topshop...

Topshop 'Vectra' Flat

They were the same style as a pair of shoes I had just bought at DSW, by Zigi Soho! After a $10 coupon, the shoes being on sale even more than I thought the were, and a gift card with an unknown balance, I walked away without even having to shell out any "real" money. Always a plus. The ones I bought weren't plain ol' black...far from it really. They are multicolored, but those same gold studs are embellishing my shoes as well. The funny part was, my mom had walked by them first and thought about showing them to me, but opted not to because she didn't think I'd like them. When I tried them on to show her the shoes I had found, she burst out laughing. My mom knows me so well :)

These are a photo of my new shoes that I absolutely love. 

Zigi Soho 'Smokey' Flat - Photo found here
They are definitely different (and are much nicer in person), but they're so versatile and I've been constructing ensembles around them. It's easy to do because the toe of the shoe is less bright than the sides and I can wear them as a pop of color on my feet. The gold accents from the studs makes it easy to coordinate accessories too. I just use my gold Coach purse, put on a simple skinny gold belt, and top it all off with a few pieces of simple gold jewelry.

After I made my purchase, we went over to Old Navy. I don't usually shop there, but I figured I could pick up a new white tank top and maybe look for a new blue blouse to go with my new shoes. I picked up a few button down shirts before making my way over to the sale rack where I found a similar blue blouse, but in a better hue than the newer ones. Turns out, it was the one that fit the best!

Old Navy 3/4-Sleeve Button-Tab Top

It was marked down to just under $21 and I was secretly hoping it was going to be a few more dollars off. Maybe somewhere around $15. It wasn't. It was MUCH better than that. The blouse rang up at $0.97

No, you didn't read that incorrectly 97 CENTS. They were practically paying me to take it off their hands! There weren't any imperfections, so I guess I just happened to be in the right place at the right time!

I love a good deal, and this one was a GREAT one. 


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