Tuesday, October 23, 2012

KK and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Okay, so it wasn't THAT bad (no one died or was injured), but it did include a sleepless night drugged up on zzzQuil, dumpster diving, and a dismembered rug.

Sunday afternoon I took a three hour nap. I certainly wasn't in a deep sleep the whole time, but I did dream at some point, so overall it was a good nap. Later that evening, I was feeling like I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep, so I decided to try zzzQuil (I do NOT recommend it). I generally sleep well after taking NyQuil, so I thought zzzQuil would provide me with the same sound sleeping without the pain & cold relievers. It did not. I spent the entire night tossing and turning. It was almost like it made my body want to sleep without letting my mind rest. The worst part about the whole ordeal was feeling like I couldn't breathe. Every time I almost dozed off, I'd wake up gasping for air. Not a comfortable feeling in the slightest. Especially when I couldn't seem to catch a breathe while I was trying to nod off.

If that wasn't bad enough, I woke up still feeling the tightness in my chest. It didn't start to fade away until mid-morning while I was at work. Luckily it subsided, but what a way to start a Monday. The day progressed as normal. Nothing special. Then I went home and ended up cleaning. Not sure how that one really happened, but it needed to be done and so I did it.

After cleaning the bathroom and in between laundry loads, I cleaned out the refrigerator and the freezer. I already needed to take the trash out, but now I had two bags to contend with. As I was walking to the dumpster with my keys in hand, I thought to myself how funny it would be if I accidentally threw my keys in with the trash. I've thrown out the trash dozens of times with my keys in my hand and I've never once accidentally thrown them in. This particular evening that was about to change. The first bag was tossed in with ease just as the many others had gone before, but the second bag was sneaky and the red plastic ties somehow managed to wrap around my keychain and rip the keys out of my hand. Literally, the keys were torn from my grip. I'm still not even completely sure how it happened since I made sure the keys weren't entwined with the ties on the bag. My previous thought about how funny it would be? Turns out it wasn't that funny at the time. I had a fleeting thought of going back to my condo and getting a flashlight, but oh wait, that's right, MY KEYS WERE IN THE TRASH. Lucky for me the trash had been recently emptied, so there were about 6 bags in there including mine. I hoisted myself up and over the dumpster wall without really having to touch much and safely landed in my flip flops (yes my feet were practically bare and it was disgusting to think about), and I only had to move one bag to figure out if it was mine or not. I found my keys (still attached to the bag) and hoisted myself up and over the dumpster. I laughed to myself as I walked back. I disinfected my keys, washed my hands, and then took out some of the recycling. Then, I promptly took a shower to wash off any filth that was attached to me.

From there I continued my eternal battle with laundry and washed my bathroom rug. Right before I went to bed, I went to put the rug in the dryer only to discover that it had somehow developed two rips in the seams and it was losing pieces of carpet everywhere. I couldn't throw it in my ancient dryer because I was certain the whole thing would catch on fire, so now I have to go buy another rug. You would think this wouldn't be a big deal, but you don't know the story of how long it took me to find a rug that possessed the exact qualities I was looking for.

On the plus side, the work day went by rapidly and I have (some) clean clothes, a clean bathroom, and a clean kitchen floor. Now if only I could tackle the den area and streamline that into a workable arts and crafts room, I'd be all set! Baby steps.


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