Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Goodbye Summer Vacation

It's that time is back in session.

Translation: The drive to work is now congested with parents attempting to drop their children off at school and my favorite Starbucks is now flooded with high school students trying to get in a loaded calorie coffee drink before class starts in 15 minutes.

This puts a severe damper on my morning routine. And not just because I was met with some giant, unexpected raindrops on the way to work this morning. 

Even though I do not have the luxury to lounge poolside day after day during the summer months, I relish in the fact that I rarely have to worry about long lines in the morning at the coffee shop during that time. There are also less cars on the road to compete with during the morning "commute" across town. This reprieve is only temporary and once September rolls around, I cringe a little inside. Especially when I suddenly remember it's the first day of school once I step inside Starbucks. I kick myself for momentarily forgetting about it. Now the line I have to wait in to get my drinks nearly extends to the back door and the guy who does an office coffee run of 6+ drinks is standing 4 people in front of me. Not the way to start a Wednesday. So, I left and opted for a McDonald's breakfast sandwich and an orange juice. Not the caffeine burst I was hoping for with my Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher, but it'll do for now.

Here's to hoping that not every morning is as hectic inside Starbucks and I get to resume my routine of chatting it up with my favorite baristas and saying hello to the regulars.