Friday, August 3, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Last week and through the beginning of this week, I was living in a constant state of anxiety. It was exhausting. Since then my anxiety levels have significantly subsided, so I'm trying to look on the bright side of things and move forward. Here are my three simple pleasures of the week...and they are all SHOES!

Nike Running Shoes

My birthday was back in May, but I finally got my birthday present from my parents. It's really my fault it took so long because all I really wanted were a new pair of Nike running shoes and I insisted upon going to the store with them to try them on. Fast forward nearly three months and I'm finally ready to get them. Good thing the mall had some of the Nike Free Run +2 shoes because I really don't care for the +3 model quite as least in the black and white color combination that I had to have. This is my first pair of Nikes in ages and I couldn't be more excited to wear them!

New/Old Lindsay Phillips Flats

I bought a pair of flats by Lindsay Phillips last year at TJ Maxx for all of $20. I loved them so much and wore them all the time, but eventually the inevitable happened - I had to get rid of them. Quite frankly, they smelled. That's what happens when you don't wear sock with shoes repeatedly and the cushy insoles are made of fabric. I was really upset when I realized I had to toss them, so I did yet another web search for them. On previous searches, if I ever found them, they usually weren't in my size, but on this one particular day, I FOUND A PAIR. I was giddy. So, I used the eBay gift card I got for Christmas and only had to pay for shipping. Even though I pretty much had to pay full price for the shoes and not the TJ Maxx price, I wasn't worried about it because I know how often I wear them. And now I opt to wear them with little ped socks to stretch out the lifespan of the shoe.

Betsey Johnson Moccasins

These shoes were bought on a whim yesterday (also with a gift card from Christmas) while my mom and I were out getting my birthday sneakers. We were passing by them in Macy's, when she stopped to point out the royal blue version, and then we saw these next to them. I squeezed my foot into a size 7 to see if I even wanted to try them on in the proper size and I knew I had to. I love the moccasin style of the shoe, the fun pattern, and the beading. In fact, I'm actually wearing them today! With a little more wear to stretch them out a smidge, these shoes will surely become a quick staple in my wardrobe. 


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