Monday, August 13, 2012


Rudi's first day.

Back in April, a chicken wandered onto the premises at work. Apparently it belonged to a family living in the nearby apartments, but they could never catch her, so she stayed. We couldn't neglect her, so we made some arrangements to accommodate her by giving her a small water dish, her own special homemade bird feed (from a friendly customer), and a place to rest. Now that she was a staple at work, she needed a name. So, one of the guys named her "Rudy" thinking that she was really a he. That all changed when we discovered her first egg and her name was changed to "Rudi" because the guys thought it was more girly that way. I would have left her name alone...I mean, look at Rudy Huxtable!

It took us a while to figure out where she was laying her eggs once she stopped laying them in the ashtray, but after a few weeks, another one of the guys discovered 20+ eggs in the back corner of one of the buildings. This prompted me to put out a basket for her to lay her eggs in and she did! Every day we'd collect her fresh egg and put it in an empty egg carton that we kept in the company refrigerator. Whoever wanted Rudi's eggs took them home. I've got two left in my fridge at home right now just waiting to be consumed. 

Rudi's first egg.

This past weekend, she was discovered dead...a victim of fowl play. Too soon for the jokes? Well, we think she may have been attacked by crows because there were black feathers at the crime scene. Though we can't be sure because no one was here to witness the tragedy. I'm actually a little surprised that she wasn't attacked sooner because she never had a proper coop to sleep in and protect her at night. We're all a little bummed out that Rudi is no longer a part of the team here. We had grown accustomed to seeing her wandering around and she'd even hang out with us from time to time. She will be sorely missed here. She not only brought joy to us, but also many of our customers who saw her clucking around. Maybe we'll get another chicken someday, but until then, I guess it'll just be dead around here without her.


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