Monday, August 6, 2012

Fremont Festival of the Arts

This past weekend was the Fremont Art and Wine Festival. Well, it actually hasn't officially been called that in many years, but old habits die hard. I assume they changed the name to take the emphasis off of the drinking aspect of the festival, which is now referred to as the Fremont Festival of the Arts. And it's in its 29th year! As the "largest free street festival west of the Mississippi," there are plenty of things to do and see over the weekend. Artists from near and far set up booths to display their artwork, vendors hang their clothing designs, specialty foods are sold, and of course there is plenty of beer and wine to be consumed.

A view of the street early on in the trip before it became super crowded.

I enjoyed the festivities during the later morning hours. which was perfect because it hadn't gotten too crowded yet and the sun was just beginning to peak out. Soon enough the cloud cover burned off and I was soaking up a warm Sunday afternoon filled with nachos, hot dogs, beer and wine. I actually partook in my first alcoholic beverage at the festival since I became of age to do so. 

White Zinfandel was unavailable at the booth I went to initially, so I opted for Riesling in honor of my best friend, Micaela! 

My favorite part of the trip was seeing the sea glass jewelry booth, which was Cassanova's Jewelry. This was not your typical sea glass jewelry wrapped in wire. These were one-of-a-kind, hand-made settings for sea glass. They were beautiful. While I wasn't able to capture a photo of some of these amazing creations, I did pick up a business card because the owner said if I ever came across a piece of red sea glass, she'd make me a piece of jewelry!

The other eventful part of the trip was watching this incredible 8-year-old boy with his mad yo-yo skills. He was doing tricks that went along to the beat of the music, moon-walking while doing yet another fancy trick, and just plain being impressive. We talked with his grandmother who was there and she told us he started learning at age 5 through the Internet. Three years later he's climbing the ranks of the yo-yoing world. He's in the top 100 yo-yoers in the states! She was a proud grandmother indeed.

He had a great iPod boom box behind him and a large set of yo-yo's to choose from
I certainly had a great time at the festival and it was nice knowing I could indulge in a glass (or two) of wine and not have to worry about driving home for once. I keep telling myself that one of these days I'll have a booth of my own where I can sell some of my art creations or even some hand-made Christmas ornaments. My seester would also have a corner of the booth where she would sell some of her beaded flowers she makes so wonderfully! Maybe someday! If I want to have a booth, I better get to gettin' and start creating!


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