Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beverly Hills Nannies

Every single time I try and post about this, I get sidetracked, but NOT today! It's time to throw some love towards... 

Photo taken from here...and there's Ms. Kristin standing front and center
I'm not usually one for much reality television, but let me tell you, it's way more fun to watch when you actually know someone on the show. The lead nanny is the one and only Kristin Lancione and I've known her since elementary school. We played soccer together as little kids before she switched over to gymnastics, we once snuck out of her house in sixth grade to toilet paper a girl's house down the street (we got caught), and we even have a couple of photos from those awful mall "studios." Even though I haven't seen her in ages, she pretty much always lets me know when she's back in town. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to truly reconnect because it seems like I always have something going on when she's here, but I'm staying optimistic that we'll be able to touch base with each other sometime soon.

Looking back, we were profound little tykes sitting in the field during lunch and recess discussing things most children our age wouldn't come to think about until they were stoned out of their skulls as teenagers. Like how each moment that passed was one that we'd never get back - time was always ticking away. Or how we were existing in each of those moments - breathing, moving, being. Just some of many topics our old souls pondered over. Now that we're adults (which I can still barely wrap my head around), we're making our own ways in life and I'm so proud of Kristin for all that she's accomplished. Who else from high school can say that they're on TV? Seriously, who? I applaud her for not only climbing her way up the Beverly Hills nanny ladder, but also for taking it further than that and turning it into a business that will grow long after she's done being a nanny herself. Now that is impressive. Not to mention that she's listed as a producer of the show on IMDb, which is nothing to scoff at either!

Not everyone is blessed with a diamond encrusted, platinum spoon in their mouths with Hollywood connections extending from their family trees. Sometimes it takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to make it out in Tinseltown. And Kristin certainly has.

I am definitely enjoying the show and I find myself looking forward to each new episode to see what crazy things are going to transpire. After all, anything can happen in Beverly Hills!

Another new episode debuts tonight and I can't wait!

Hey Kristin...is there any room for me in the Beverly Hills nannying world?!


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