Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to Black

I dyed my hair. 

Not exactly a shocker, but I originally wasn't intending on going this dark. You've seen my headshot before, and while I was just going to go a full shade darker (to a level 4), I wasn't planning on BLACK.

I have been impatiently waiting for my appointment to come around, so by the time it FINALLY got here, I was more than ready. I even accepted the fact that it was pushed back half of an hour. No biggie. It was delayed, not cancelled! So I went in with the mindset that I was going to emerge with dark chocolate locks. Unfortunately, when all was said and done, my overly processed hair didn't soak up the color quite as much as it should have. Neither me nor Bonne were satisfied, so I stayed through her next appointment where she juggled the two of us. This time she put on a level 3, which I knew was going to be virtually black, but I guess I hadn't really wrapped my mind around it because I was slightly taken aback when I realized how dark my hair was getting under the dryer. Usually she doesn't put me under the dryer unless I'm doing something that involves going lighter, but she told me she thought this would allow the color to really sink in. 

Boy, did it sink in. 

Four hours later my medium, reddish brown hair was basically jet black. I'm not complaining. I actually really like my hair when it's black! It was a little bit of a shock to everyone around me because they weren't expecting it, but I think it's beginning to grow on everyone. My mom really likes it, my seester really likes it (although I think she's slightly jealous because she misses when her hair was black), my boss likes it, my neighborhood barista likes it, the FedEx guy likes it...it's basically a hit. Good thing because it is my signature color!


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