Monday, July 23, 2012


The ombre look I'm currently embracing.
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My hair is horrendous. It isn't exactly a nightmare, but it's pretty darn close. Ever since I lightened it from black (for the second time) it hasn't been the same. It's soft-ish, though I wish it were as soft as it used to be, but I've long given up hope for that ever since the second bleach least until it grows out completely. I didn't want to lighten my hair again, but my acting coach seemed to think it would be better for me to be the girl-next-door, rather than the dark-haired bad girl. I understood, but I wasn't ready to go lighter. And it wasn't exactly an easy process. I still have perpetual light spots that come up, which means regular color maintenance. That translates into many dollar signs.

I am currently in need of an all-over color. Desperately. My roots went from being slightly inconspicuous to, "Hey, that's clearly not your real hair color!" I'm really ready to go back to dark hair. (I would secretly love to be blonde for a minute or two, but with my skin color, I'm pretty certain I can't pull off the hue I'd like to have.) I guess I haven't minded my medium brown, reddish locks, but I get a little restless when my hair is the same color for too long. I am rapidly approaching that point in time, or maybe I've surpassed it. Regardless, it prompted me to pick up the phone and schedule a hair appointment for last Saturday, only to have the girl call me back and tell me that Bonne was already booked. Really? She didn't see that when she scheduled me initially? Anyway, I settled for an appointment that is weeks away because I refuse to go to anyone other than Bonne. So, I will "patiently" wait for August 3rd to roll around. In the meantime, I guess I'll be embracing the ombre look.


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