Thursday, July 26, 2012


When I was a kid, I begged my parents for a plant at the nursery. It was a good thing I picked a desert plant because I basically never watered the darn thing. So you can imagine my surprise when it thrived and even flowered! It stayed in that plastic pot for years, growing sideways and out of the container before my dad finally decided to plant it. So I guess technically it's not really my plant anymore.

On any regular day, I have a black thumb. BLACK. I attribute it to my forgetfulness when it comes to watering. I had a tiny sunflower plant that was growing pretty well until I left it out on the ledge during a few hot days and again, forgot to water it. It shriveled up and died. The red geranium on my balcony is doing alright because it can take a few days (or a week+) without getting water. I've been watering it regularly now since I spend more time on the balcony and it's doing great! It's amazing what a difference water can make!

Anyway, the whole point to this story is that I planted some wildflower seeds a while ago in a couple of pots I had (from bulbs that never came back after dying) and they've been growing! One pot of seeds sprouted up with a vengeance while the other pot was a little slower to grow, but it's trucking along. I've been anxiously awaiting a flower. Any flower. Even a SINGLE flower. There are finally a few small buds forming on a plant in each pot, but they haven't opened yet. I've been faithfully watering them and even talking to them a little and encouraging them to GROW. Then, yesterday, a couple of small white flowers opened up! I was thrilled. You've never seen someone so excited to see a flower! 

I have no idea if there are any more flowers today, but I'm totally stoked about those two little white fleurs. I can't wait for the rest of them to start blooming!


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