Friday, July 27, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Another work week is nearly behind me! Although I think I'd enjoy Fridays more if I only worked Monday through Thursday. Maybe someday! 

Here are some things that are currently bringing me joy...

The Olympics
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I love the Olympics. Almost as much as I love Shark Week, but that's a different story. Gymnastics is my FAVORITE event. Hands down. I prefer the women's events over the men's events, but I'll watch them both. I'll probably even check out rhythmic gymnastics, too. I also like watching track, but it gives me anxiety when watching the 400m or the 4x400 relay. Most likely because those are the races that gave me anxiety in high school. Anyway, I'll probably take a peek at swimming, synchronized swimming, and diving. If I have a chance I'll check out some rowing, too. We'll see how much I'm actually able to watch!

A New Book
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I have always been responsible with my money. Ever since I was young I've had a knack for saving, which was evident every time I'd pull out my pink and purple tin box filled with Christmas and birthday money. Since I didn't really have things to buy other than comic books and candy bars, my cash stash grew. In my recent years I've been a little more frivolous with my money, but I'm toning down the spending and tapping into my saving ways once again. Starting with a book by Dave Ramsey called The Total Money Makeover. I have yet to crack it open (my parents gave it to me yesterday), but I'm anxious to get into it and learn some new things. 

A Good Hair Day

When my hair is healthy it looks nice when it is in its natural state - straight. Since I need a trim, but am refusing to get one, I've been wearing my hair pulled up in a bun most days with my bangs pulled to the side because straight hair doesn't look as good when it needs to be cut. My ombre hair tends to look the best when it's curled (and it hides the fact that I need my hair trimmed), so I've been taking the extra time in the morning to give my hair a little wave. The best part of this hair routine is that the only product I put on it is a little Bumble & Bumble Styling Lotion (the "lotion" part is misleading because it's actually a spray and not so much of a lotion). It holds the curl all day, but it still keeps my hair touchable and movable. A HUGE plus. Anyway, I'm having a good hair day and that makes me feel like a million bucks!


Thursday, July 26, 2012


When I was a kid, I begged my parents for a plant at the nursery. It was a good thing I picked a desert plant because I basically never watered the darn thing. So you can imagine my surprise when it thrived and even flowered! It stayed in that plastic pot for years, growing sideways and out of the container before my dad finally decided to plant it. So I guess technically it's not really my plant anymore.

On any regular day, I have a black thumb. BLACK. I attribute it to my forgetfulness when it comes to watering. I had a tiny sunflower plant that was growing pretty well until I left it out on the ledge during a few hot days and again, forgot to water it. It shriveled up and died. The red geranium on my balcony is doing alright because it can take a few days (or a week+) without getting water. I've been watering it regularly now since I spend more time on the balcony and it's doing great! It's amazing what a difference water can make!

Anyway, the whole point to this story is that I planted some wildflower seeds a while ago in a couple of pots I had (from bulbs that never came back after dying) and they've been growing! One pot of seeds sprouted up with a vengeance while the other pot was a little slower to grow, but it's trucking along. I've been anxiously awaiting a flower. Any flower. Even a SINGLE flower. There are finally a few small buds forming on a plant in each pot, but they haven't opened yet. I've been faithfully watering them and even talking to them a little and encouraging them to GROW. Then, yesterday, a couple of small white flowers opened up! I was thrilled. You've never seen someone so excited to see a flower! 

I have no idea if there are any more flowers today, but I'm totally stoked about those two little white fleurs. I can't wait for the rest of them to start blooming!


Monday, July 23, 2012


The ombre look I'm currently embracing.
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My hair is horrendous. It isn't exactly a nightmare, but it's pretty darn close. Ever since I lightened it from black (for the second time) it hasn't been the same. It's soft-ish, though I wish it were as soft as it used to be, but I've long given up hope for that ever since the second bleach least until it grows out completely. I didn't want to lighten my hair again, but my acting coach seemed to think it would be better for me to be the girl-next-door, rather than the dark-haired bad girl. I understood, but I wasn't ready to go lighter. And it wasn't exactly an easy process. I still have perpetual light spots that come up, which means regular color maintenance. That translates into many dollar signs.

I am currently in need of an all-over color. Desperately. My roots went from being slightly inconspicuous to, "Hey, that's clearly not your real hair color!" I'm really ready to go back to dark hair. (I would secretly love to be blonde for a minute or two, but with my skin color, I'm pretty certain I can't pull off the hue I'd like to have.) I guess I haven't minded my medium brown, reddish locks, but I get a little restless when my hair is the same color for too long. I am rapidly approaching that point in time, or maybe I've surpassed it. Regardless, it prompted me to pick up the phone and schedule a hair appointment for last Saturday, only to have the girl call me back and tell me that Bonne was already booked. Really? She didn't see that when she scheduled me initially? Anyway, I settled for an appointment that is weeks away because I refuse to go to anyone other than Bonne. So, I will "patiently" wait for August 3rd to roll around. In the meantime, I guess I'll be embracing the ombre look.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Last month I had the opportunity to take a few days off, so I made my work week easy with work on Wednesday and Thursday only. This made for one four-day weekend and another three-day weekend, which was basically awesome. But then I got called in for an audition on the Thursday I had to work, so I switched my Friday off for Thursday off. Kind of a bummer, but it was still a day that wasn't the usual grind.

So I went off to my audition feeling confident and ready to shine. Then I discovered I was going to be auditioning with another girl. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing because I've done it before and had a really good experience, but I had never even seen this girl before. She strutted in like she owned the place and I could barely get a word in edgewise when we were doing our improv scene. It was a little irritating. Then, when we switched roles, I figured I'd get a chance to do some talking. Nope. Wrong again. I left that audition feeling less than thrilled about what took place. The whole situation had caught me so off guard that I wasn't able to even bounce back and regain control of our scene. Needless to say, I wasn't going to be cast for the role.

I eventually got over it. The idea of the commercial was a girl moves to San Francisco and meets up with a friend she hasn't seen in ages. When I told my parents about the ordeal, my dad said I should have said to her, "Wow, you haven't changed a bit...I still can't seem to get a word in with you!" It would have been awesome if I had actually thought of it, but I was too rattled. My skin is getting thicker with each audition that passes that they pass on me. I'm okay with it because I know that I'll book one eventually. Can't win 'em all!

I saw the girl again at the audition I went to yesterday. This was a totally different scenario and we were auditioning for different roles. I asked her if she heard back from the last one and she hadn't. That made me feel a little better! I wasn't the only one they didn't want. Her call time was different than mine was and once she was through with her audition a really sweet girl came in and sat next to me. We started chatting and I found out she was from Lake Tahoe. I secretly complain about having to ride BART into the city, but when I heard she made a 4 hour drive to the city for the audition, I thanked my lucky stars that I only have to hop on a train. I wished her well before I left and was thankful that I finally met someone at an audition who was down to earth. A rarity to be sure. Quite a difference from the other blonde I watched at a table across the room. She was working that table. The three guys across from her were practically foaming at the mouth and she knew it. She was an attractive girl, but you could just tell by the way she was talking about herself, her body language, and the way she responded to questions that she was more than a little bitchy. I guess that's just the acting circuit. I'll play the game to an extent, but I'm not trying to put other people down or make them feel inferior to me. That's not my style. Besides, what goes around, comes around. Hopefully, I hear back from this one and book one of the principle roles. If not, then it wasn't meant to be! Until next time.