Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wedding Daze: The Dress

I found THE dress. The one. The one I actually thought I would never find.

My first stop with my mom on Saturday was our only stop that day. In fact, I had to cancel my appointment at Nordstrom last minute, well thirty minutes prior, but still short notice. Turns out, a two hour appointment just FLIES by! I lucked out with the girl I was paired up with because she was a doll. Not only was she so sweet, but it was super fun to have her help me try on dresses. I came in well-prepared with a list in hand outlining the designers I liked and the style numbers for the dresses I had to try. We flipped through the binders while we killed a few minutes before Chloe made her appearance (might I add, they were very prompt) and brought me two of the dresses I pulled out of the binders that were also on my list. I figured if they had a photo, they'd be able to get me the dress quicker than looking it up on the computer.

Those two dresses turned out to be the only ones I cared to try on! I reluctantly tried on another one, but it was awful. I didn't even want to walk out of the dressing room because it didn't even begin to compare to the ones I love. The two contenders were extremely different. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum. One was a fairy tale, the other was more glamourous. I loved them both for entirely different reasons and they were both absolutely gorgeous. If you know me, you know that I have a very difficult time making decisions. This was no exception. After I tried on the not-so-pretty number, I tried on the original beauties again. As much as I was in love with the frilly one, I realized it was not my usual style. There's nothing wrong with veering away from the tried and true, but I wanted to look back at my wedding photos without regret. I don't know a single girl who doesn't want to feel like Cinderella at the royal ball, but this particular heavy, fairy-tale gown was not going to win today. Instead I chose the more glamourous of the two. The style and cut suit me perfectly. While I would LOVE to plaster the rest of this post with photos of the gown (or me in the gown), I am going to hold off.

And just for is an old photo of me wearing the dress that I would have been honored to have worn at my mother's dress.


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