Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas has been pretty amazing. I never have any complaints and this is yet another year that I have truly treasured being able to spend the time with my family.

So what did I get???

Here are just a few of my new treasures...

The "big" gift from my parents was...

The Michael Kors watch I asked for!
Michael Kors Golden Rose Watch 
Unfortunately I was unable to wear it today because I need to have a few links taken out (my wrists are super tiny!), but I'm looking forward to making it a staple in my day-to-day look.

My seester seemed to get have an endless array of goodies for me, but here were two of my favorites...

A Christmas pie bird!!!
Such a cute lil guy!
My seester was extremely thoughtful and found this Christmas pie bird. I have one pie bird already, but now I officially have a collection started with this new addition.

Two more Passaro mugs!
Two more mugs! 
My set of dishes are the Passaro pattern from World Market. I have the entire collection thus far, but when I finally purchased the mugs, I only bought two. Now, thanks to my seester, I have a set of four!

After opening presents and having breakfast, my family and I continued to lounge around and enjoy our day and each other's company. Dinner was delicious and now we're gathered in the family room just doing our own thing. The important thing is that we're together and it's just like old times when we all lived here at home.

Well, I hope you all were able to spend the day with people you love and you enjoyed your Christmas day to the fullest!


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