Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Ever since my last audition (waaaaay back during the summer), I stopped cutting my bangs. Any struggling actor knows how incredibly important it is to look like your headshot at all times, so I was pretty much breaking the rules. I'm SUCH a rebel. Anyway, it had been months and months and I was enjoying the change. I figured I could always cut them if I got an audition so it wasn't really that big of a deal. So I enjoyed my days without blunt bangs and swooped them to my heart's content. Then, I got to thinking...what if I wasn't getting any auditions because I wasn't emitting the right signals or energy or whatever into the universe? What if the reason I hadn't been getting auditions was because I was refusing to cut my bangs until I got an audition instead of cutting them in hopes of an audition? Okay, maybe it sounds a little silly, but you know what? I cut my bangs and got an audition in less than a week. It was promptly followed up with another audition and another notice of one that is casting straight off of headshots (my personal favorite).

Now that I'm back to being more like the brunette girl-next-door, I'll be anxiously awaiting word from my last audition (which went rather well)! Sometimes it pays to put some positivity out there...and it never hurts to pray either.


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