Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So sue me. I go through phases. Mostly the type where I'm really gung-ho about something and then my desire to continue peters out and I'm left with this nagging voice in my head telling me that I'm SLACKING and I should refocus my attentions on the tasks I've been neglecting. I haven't been listening apparently as I haven't been spending much time posting. I've been doing crafty things, like scrapbooking. I've been doing artsy things, like painting. I've been doing mandatory things, like working. I've been doing almost anything and everything I can imagine to do EXCEPT updating my blog. There are worse things in life.

Just try squeezing the juice out of THIS lemon.
During this great lapse I have been grieving over the death of Steve Jobs (as much as any Apple lover can grieve without truly knowing the man), remembering two of my grandparents who both died in the month of October years ago, and also contemplating how screwed up I would be if I suddenly discovered that my psychologist had committed suicide. No, I am not seeing a psychologist.

He changed everything. Again. And Again.
Death surrounds me on a daily basis. I'm not kidding either. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. It's a wonder I'm able to maintain my positive disposition. Anyway, like I was saying...on a daily basis...but it has been oddly prevalent for the month of October. Or maybe I'm subconsciously putting more emphasis on it because Halloween is just around the corner. Or maybe it's just solidified by the fact that I am constantly surrounded by death. Whatever.

I know, I know. I make an incredibly scary witch.

I have previously made promises to blog consistently, but I'm over it. I can't make that promise. Quite frankly, sometimes I don't feel like conversing with the world. Sometimes I feel like I should delete this thing altogether. I haven't even deleted my MySpace page, so chances are, this one will stick around, too. Tired of me bouncing around from slacking to death, to slacking again? Me too. That's just my train of with it....and I hope you enjoyed the random photos.


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