Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Recaptured.

My weekend was part work, part pleasure. I spent Saturday working at the Harley Dealership. They were having free demo rides of the 2012 bikes coming out and needed some extra help checking people in who were interested in riding, so I said I'd help out. It was actually pretty fun and the day practically flew by. By the end of the day my feet were a little tired, but overall it was a great day.

Sunday, my seester and I went hiking at Sunol. 
We really had a great time...it was nice to have some seester bonding time! We went down to Little Yosemite, took some pictures, and got our feet wet before more people showed up to where we were. I brought my manual focus SLR camera (*gasp* do people even USE film anymore??) and not my digital camera. I have temporarily misplaced my digital photo taker, so I thought it would be fun to put my old-fashioned camera to good use! I haven't used it in ages, and I've never even gotten the film developed from the times I've used it before (typical), so I don't even know if it takes decent photos, but I thought, "What the heck?" and brought it with me.

This is a photo my sis took of me taking a picture of a really cool slug.
Once more people started showing up we took off and went up another trail to a lookout point I had never been before. It was great. We could see Little Yosemite from where we were, the trail we hiked to get there, and the hills went on for days. It was a great place to have lunch and just enjoy the great outdoors. Our lunch was exactly what I wanted...PB&J's, Granny Smith apples, fruit snacks, and jalapeƱo Cheez-Its. All that was missing was the juice box! Once we were done with lunch we took a few more photos and then I decided I wanted to put in a new role of film. That's when I realized that the film didn't feed through and all of those great pictures I took never happened. Needless to say I was super bummed. SUPER BUMMED. My sis was really great though and even offered to go back so I could take some more. I declined. I was getting tired from the sun and my heart just wasn't really in it. Again, super bummed.

I did perk up towards the end, but I was disappointed that I'd never get to see that awesome slug or the photo of the shoes which probably would have looked something like this...
I'm glad my seester had a backup and brought her digital camera because then we wouldn't have gotten this photo of us that a stranger happily took for us.
I can't wait to go back again soon while the weather is still nice. Next time I'm definitely wearing shorts because I ended up with a pesky little shin tan line. Not a big deal because it wasn't that bad, but I won't be doing that again while it's still summer! I'm also regretting not spending any time in the sun so far this season because I got a bit of a burn on my shoulders. It's my own fault for not liking to wear sunscreen!

Anyway, I'm really grateful I had the opportunity to spend time with my seester this past weekend. I think we both needed to get out and spend time outdoors and I'm glad we did.



  1. That looks like a fun trip! makes me want to get out of the house and go on a hike



  2. Erica, you definitely should! There are so many great places around SF and in the Bay Area in general!