Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I wrote about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's new fashion venture, StyleMint, over at Kate and Emma's about a week ago. There I explained the whole process and what you can expect each month. I was really excited to receive my new T's, and I finally got them after a whole debacle with USPS and my INCOMPETENT mail carrier. My INCOMPETENT mail carrier delivered them to the wrong address, which ultimately resulted in the recipient writing "RETURN TO SENDER WRONG ADDRESS" and me not receiving my parcel. This isn't the first time it happened (he also failed to deliver my glasses the first time around...he is INCOMPETENT), so I went down to the post office and stopped my mail because I had another parcel on the way and I didn't want my INCOMPETENT mail carrier to mis-deliver the order AGAIN and I also I contacted StyleMint customer service.

***Side Note***
Stacie at StyleMint was super quick to remedy the situation (they gave me a credit and a new T). She was a DREAM to work with and I appreciated all of her hard work to help fix things. She was so sweet! Customer service reps around the world should take note and emulate her!  

Somewhere along the way, with the StyleMint parcel being taken back to the post office, but before it made it to Bell Gardens, it was somehow held with the other mail that I stopped. So then I had to contact StyleMint again to thank them for everything, but by some act of God, I received my items. Whew. 

All in all, I'm happy this is whole mess was taken care of. I know that the only reason I was even able to receive the package at all was because I went in and stopped my mail the day after my package didn't come. At least now I've learned my lesson...NEVER have parcels delivered to my home...they may never get there.

Now on to more important my T's!

The proof that my mail carrier is INCOMPETENT

The sizable pale pink denim bag I received as a gift! 

How the shirts were wrapped inside...
simple brown craft paper with a colored leather cord and a StyleMint sticker

The Melrose in Navy Blue (July 2011)

The Abbot Kinney in Cabernet (August 2011)

The note inside

I've already worn the Abbot Kinney (LOVED it) and will be wearing the Melrose sometime this weekend most likely. The T's are so so soft and fit perfectly. Hopefully they wash up well, too! Can't wait to see what is in store next month!


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