Friday, August 12, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Happy Friday!!!

These simple pleasures have gotten me through this week and I am so grateful for that!


Hayley (from Vintage Hay) and I finally had dinner! Once again it's been TOO long since we last got together and we both had so much to catch up on! I enjoyed our relaxing evening of Mexican food (I'm pretty sure it's a tradition at this point) and TV watching. She even introduced me to a new show! Yay! 


Building on the last simple pleasure is the show Hayley introduced me to...Secrets from a Stylist. I instantly loved this show. I can't stop talking about it! I have seen loads of HGTV shows, but because this one airs on Saturdays, I'm pretty sure that's why I've missed it. I definitely have some catching up to do with it, but I'm so glad I got to see it! Emily Henderson is great at what she does and it seems like she's always dressed so stylishly! It definitely inspires me to go do some thrifting and make a unique space for myself.


On Tuesday I treated myself to an at home mani-pedi using the Raise A Glass shade by Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I fell in LOVE with this color. Unfortunately, because I'm rough on my nails, it hasn't lasted as long as I would have liked and they started chipping almost immediately (though my toes are sporting it well still). I'd show you the true photo of my nails, but no one really likes to see chipped nail I right?? I've been scouring the web for a liquid nail polish that is similar so I can wear this color more often! So far I've compiled a list of similar champagne shades by OPI, Essie, and also a couple that might work from Sally Hansen. I wish they had an exact liquid version of Raise a Glass because I'm dying to fix these nails of mine! In the meantime, I'm still enjoying this gorgeous color. It's neutral, a little metallic, and I cannot get enough of it! 

Well, I hope you all find something to appreciate over the next week! It isn't too hard to do when you focus on the simple pleasures in life!


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  1. Awww i had a great time too!!! let's do it again ASAP!