Monday, August 1, 2011

Fall Down, Get Back Up

Welcome August.

It's nice of your to join us, although I'm not quite sure I am ready for you to be here just yet. Since you are here though, you might as well stay a while. I thought we would start your month off on the right foot, but I guess there were other plans in store for me. Turns out I began your month (on a Monday no less) on the wrong foot. So much on the wrong foot that it caused me to come crashing down onto both knees. Luckily the cement sidewalk broke my fall. It's funny how everything seemed to occur in slow motion. The slip of a foot, the juggling of the drinks (one of which literally jumped out of the tray), the graceful plummeting to my knees, the warm caramel macchiato splashing onto the cement and racing towards my clean jeans, the lightning fast return to standing position, the shocked look on my face of "Did that really just happen?", only to snap back into real time as soon as a regular popped his head out of the door to see if I was okay.

My bruised knees complimented my embarrassed face as I somehow managed to hold it together. Even though I knew the tears were on the horizon, I was calm and poised on the exterior, while the interior was a whole mess of chaos and emotion. I let a few tears go when I was at work because the second I saw my mom she knew something was wrong. Even if the wet jeans were a dead give away. All in all, I'm okay, but August, this really wasn't the way I wanted to start my day, week, or month. Since I can't change the past, I'll just keep looking up and keep looking forward to the next thirty days. I fell down and I got back up. This month can only improve from here and I have plenty of things to look forward to.


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