Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Yesterday we had an unexpected visitor at work. A VERY cute, unexpected visitor. I called him "Buddy" because that's my go to nickname for male dogs, and wouldn't you know, his name was actually "Buddy"? I know, I'm psychic sometimes. Anyway, I obtained Buddy for the early part of the afternoon after a coworker of mine spotted him running in the street. He was calling him over and I was outside by the time the dog came over to him. I noticed he had a collar, so I gave my coworker the number and he called and left a voicemail for the owner.

We put him in the break room so he was out of the sun, but the little stinker somehow escaped and went prancing across the lawn! I ran after him once I found out and decided it was best to keep him inside with me since the owner called back and said he'd be there in twenty minutes. After a couple of hours, I called the owner because I was worried he was never going to pick up his dog! Buddy was a cutie pie and I certainly wanted to take him home with me since he was lying in my lap nearly the entire time, but he would've been missed at home (and he would've needed his meds for epilepsy)! Not ten minutes later, I see the owner open his front door and walk over to the office. Apparently he had been home for over an hour trying to fix the problem (Buddy dug under the fence), but what I didn't understand was why he couldn't have left Buddy in the house while he did it. Regardless, I was happy to have a friendly pup hanging around and once the owner came by he seemed grateful for us caring for Buddy for a while. 

This just solidifies the fact that I NEED A DOG!


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