Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Delayed Weekend Recaptured.

I know Monday has come and gone and that's usually the time to reflect on the weekend, but I was feeling extremely unmotivated to write so, I'm recapping the details of my weekend today!

Friday night was a WILD night. I spent the night at my Nana's house and let me tell you, Pocket Nana knows how to PARTY! Okay, so we didn't have a rager, but we did spent hours talking. The TV was never turned on and we got to catch up and talk about everything and nothing all at the same time. We talked for an hour when I got there, went out and had pizza for dinner, and then went back to her house where we continued talking for several more hours. We turned in fairly early (10PM) and then woke up and went out to breakfast. All in all, a perfect Friday evening and a great way to start off my Saturday morning. Not to mention that the guest room bed has the SOFTEST sheets. I sort of want to sleep over every night because the bed is so amazing! It's just a bonus though in comparison to spending time with Pocket Nana.

Not the photo from Friday night, but one of my favorites
because she was being so silly with the helmet on her head!

Saturday was the Fremont Arts and Wine Festival...or rather the Fremont Festival of the Arts. Stupid name change. I go pretty much every summer even though it's mostly a repeat of the same stuff year after year. My seester and I walked around for a couple of hours and sipped on some mediocre lemonade while we perused the booths. I found a really cute purse, but at $300 it wasn't really speaking to me that loudly, especially once I noticed that a lot of the latches were crooked. Tsk tsk! So besides the 2 for $5 lemonades, we didn't actually buy anything. Fast forward to our mall trip and that's where we spent some cash. She bought a couple of new things (like the dress I picked out for her!) and then we splurged on some accessories at Forever 21. You really cannot go wrong with their accessories. When some items are as little as $1.50, it's hard to say no to any of them! I bought several necklaces and also a new brown belt which didn't break the bank! All in all I'm pleased with my purchases...here are a few of the items:

Harmonica Pendant Necklace in Cream and Gold ~ $1.50

Police Whistle in Gold ~ $4.80

Layered Boho Necklace ~ $7.80

Heart Pendant Necklace ~ $1.50
Stitched Leatherette Stretch Belt in Brown ~ $6.80

This is one of the rings my seester bought while we were there. This picture doesn't even begin to do it justice though. It is far prettier in person and I'm tempted to go back and buy one for myself! 
Damask Knuckle Ring ~ $5.80

I ended my evening by making a HUGE mess out of my closet in an attempt to make it neat and tidy. I haven't gone back in to fix the damage yet, but I will over the course of this week. I should have bitten the bullet and finished on Sunday, but I was feeling lazy and spent the day watching TV, photographing my hummingbirds, and doing laundry before my seester stopped over. Armed with a couple of pints of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, she was able to dispel my grumpy mood and when she left I was back to myself again.

Now that it's Tuesday, I'm anxious for the weekend already...is that bad?? One thing I'm looking forward to today is my hair appointment with Bonne! Perfect timing since I'll be going to Kels' wedding in less than two weeks! Woohoo!


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