Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding on the Brain

I have wedding on the brain.

I'm not usually wedding obsessed, but lately I've been having the urge to look at wedding dresses online. I resist as much as possible, but sometimes, I have to give in. So why am I thinking about weddings when I'm not a betrothed? It could be because so many soon-to-be-brides are posting on Facebook every other second about what wedding task they've checked off of their list or how many days are left until their wedding day arrives. It could be because I saw my best friend get married last year and I'm reminiscing. It could be because my cousin just got married several weeks ago and another good friend of mine is tying the knot next month. It could be because I want to get married...some day.

I have a dream wedding. We all do. The type of wedding you would have if you had an infinite amount of dollar bills and the word "budget" never entered your vocabulary. I'm realistic enough to know that my dream location, my dream decorations, my dream dress, my dream whatevers will likely not be made into realities. At least not all of them. Am I heartbroken? Hardly. I am perfectly okay with this. I'm not about to become a bratty Bridezilla at the drop of a hat or go into debt by spending an absurd amount of money on a dress I will only be wearing once. I think a lot of people tend to lose sight of the bigger picture. The more important picture. It isn't all about putting on the most lavish wedding so much as it is about the union of two people who are very much in love who are making a public commitment to stay together until death do they part. 

My must-haves for my wedding? My closest friends, my family, and most importantly, the man I will promise to love and cherish for the rest of my life.

This was the part where I was going to share with you a trailer of Tony Romo and Candice Crawford's extravagant wedding, but apparently it had to be removed from the Internet due to a copyright claim...lame! If you didn't see it, there was confetti, fireworks, and a cigar bar. Not exactly necessities for my wedding, but it was fun to watch. You should see the size of that rock weighing down that poor girl's finger. Those two lovebirds certainly spared no expense on their wedding and it appeared they had
a wonderful time...and so did their SIX HUNDRED guests.

I personally couldn't even begin to imagine having 600 guests at my wedding. The mere thought makes me a little anxious, but I don't think I'll have to worry about that...


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