Friday, July 22, 2011

TOMS Shoes Featuring The Row

Earlier this week on Monday I talked about the Olsen twins and their fashion quest to take over the world. Then I discovered that the shoes from their recent collaboration with TOMS shoes were now on the market. I love TOMS shoes for a plethora of reasons including, but not limited to their comfort and the generosity of the company with their One for One motto. This latest addition of high-end fashion is just one more reason on a long list to love TOMS even more.

Priced at $140 for the Alexandria and the Hayden and $150 for the Larry, they aren't cheap, but they are made out of cashmere and Italian wool. In the grand scheme of The Row they are reasonably priced, but it would be an even bigger gesture if "Tom" decided to give two pairs of shoes for each pair bought since they are considerably more than TOMS regular classic shoe. It shouldn't be much of a hardship since TOMS is a for-profit company and these luxe shoes were originally projected to be priced from $98 to $150. Since they ended up on the high end, I think it sounds like a good deed!

Like all things Row, these shoes are classy with a touch of luxury...and they are calling my name! Any fan of The Row will likely love these limited edition Fall must-haves and I doubt they will stay in stock for long, so get 'em while they last!


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