Friday, July 29, 2011

Simple Pleasures

It's Friday and I am thankful for that in itself! I love my weekends! Now that my long week is nearly over (and I survived after being on vacation for an entire week before), I am reflecting on some things that I am thankful for...the simple pleasures.

Victoria Secret Siren Legging Jean, White American Rag Tank, Brown Rocket Dog Clogs, Crocheted Belt made by yours truly
Merona Boyfriend Watch, Jewels by Park Lane Feather Necklace,
Two-tone Rose Ring,  Gold Opal Ring from my Nana's Jewelry Box
My flight home wasn't spectacular, but there was a silver lining. Upon boarding the plane, a female flight attendant complimented me on my attire (I thanked her) and then as I kept walking towards my seat I heard her say "so cute," again. As I exited the aircraft, I thanked them for the flight and service and she named me "best-dressed" of the entire plane. Made my day.

JetBlue Credit
The flight was a mellow one and I napped for most of it. Their in-flight entertainment provided by DIRECTV was out, so there was nothing to watch on the little TV in front of me. I wasn't concerned as I was already planning on napping, but JetBlue made sure they compensated me for this "inconvenience" and issued me a $15 credit towards a future flight! Fifteen dollars is fifteen dollars and I will gladly accept it. 

An Outing and a Phone Call with Friends
Vicky, Diana, and me
I was lucky enough to go to dinner with my friend Vicky this week! I haven't seen her in MONTHS. She's never seen my place, so I showed her my humble abode before we went out to eat. I am so happy she managed to drag me out because I've been in a bit of a funk lately and she made me feel loads better. Then the next day I received a phone call from Diana and we got to chat for a while! We haven't talked for a few weeks, so it was nice that we could have a good conversation and catch up. I love my ladies!

When life gets chaotic, sometimes you have to focus on the simple pleasures.
Happy Friday!


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