Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dream Jobs Part Une: Travel Edition

I have a number of dream jobs (don't we all?) besides the obvious acting career I would love to have. While I realize I am likely unqualified for most of them, it's always nice to dream!

I have no patience when it comes to dealing with tons of needy individuals. I would rather handle a handful of or two of needy individuals instead. Thus, my flight attendant status would be on lovely, privately chartered planes rather than commercial nightmares. Whether it is international travel or domestic, I can cater to the wealthy individuals who prefer to fly in style. Champagne? Coming right up!

I have no idea what the official job title would be, but I would like to be one of the people from who gets to travel to one of their future sale locations, stay for a while, write a review, and experience the luxury vacations they offer on their site. Is it a long shot? Sure. With my love of travelling, I would be more than willing to hop on a plane and travel to Costa Rica, Telluride, Amsterdam, or Bali. I would even settle for the U.S. trips to Maine, Arizona, Florida, Utah, or New York. It might be work, but I would find time to experience all that these resorts had to offer.

I have always wanted to be a personal assistant. For whatever reason, it just seems terribly exciting to me! I know I would do a superb job at organizing someone's calendar, keeping them on-time for appointments, and staying one step ahead of them on day-to-day happenings. Running errands is actually kind of fun for me to do and I already do an excellent job of picking up coffee in the morning! Personal assistants may accompany the individual they are supporting on business trips, too. I certainly wouldn't object to any business trip. Chicago? NYC? Detroit? Dallas? London? Wherever! Besides business trips, there's always the possibility of working vacations. How amazing would it be to go on a working vacation in Kauai? Whether it's a CEO or some other high ranking executive, I would jump at the chance to be a personal assistant.

Who knows if one of my dream jobs will ever fall into my lap? It can't hurt to send it out into the universe! 


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