Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dream Jobs Part Deux: Art Edition

Art soothes my soul. I also have this incessant need to create it. That is why I also have dream jobs that are specific to the art realm.

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I am definitely not a professional photographer. I am not trained to fully understand lighting concepts in regards to how a photograph will develop, nor do I know all of the fancy lingo that photographers throw around to other photographers. I have read up on photography, but simply stated, I am still a novice. I do have an eye for a good photograph, however, and I hold a degree in Fine Art. That said, I would love to capture beautiful images and share them with the world. Not to mention the obvious travel aspect of the job.

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Most people find it easy to call themselves artists. For me, however, it's a little more difficult. Like I said, I have a degree in Art. That doesn't necessarily make me a world-renowned artist, but it does imply that I at least have some artistic sense. I seem to shy away from calling myself an artist, but I do love creating art. I prefer painting to drawing and would classify myself more of an abstract expressionist than anything else. Collage art also strikes a chord with me as I enjoy "borrowing" elements and using them to create something new. In terms of sculpture, I have always been drawn to ceramics. Sometimes you just need to get down and dirty and create with your hands! Welding is arguably my favorite form of sculpture though. If only I had a torch and a workshop to weld in! My most prized welding project? The delicate metal rose I made, which was definitely a challenge. I have never attempted to sell any of my artwork, although I have had several family members argue over who would take possession of one of my paintings. Where did it end up? In my own room.

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Again, not exactly qualified for the position, but I have the creativity inside me to create beautiful things. How exciting would it be to see people wearing something I designed? Maybe not as exciting for you as it would be for me, but I would love that! Travelling to all of the Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, New would be fantastic! Oh, the possibilities. I have been intending to use the sewing machine I received for Christmas last year to alter some of my existing clothing to better suit me, but I have yet to do so. I have also been dying to make some of my own items. Dresses especially. Maybe I'll head over to the fabric store this weekend and pick up some material to make myself a dress. If I'm not creating frocks for the fashion runway, I might as well make them for my own everyday runway!

I strongly believe that everyone has creativity within that is just waiting to burst out. Find something you love that allows you to be creative!


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