Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dentist Day Two

My dentist appointment yesterday was less than ideal (although it could have been WAY worse) and I will gladly spare you the details. As a result, I have several more appointments in my future. In fact, I had another one today. This time it was for a filling. I'm not scared of needles, in fact, whenever I give blood or have a blood test I WATCH them stick my arm with the needle because I think it's interesting. Anyway, the needle wasn't the problem. The filling wasn't really the problem either. It's the uncomfortable feeling of sitting in a chair with your mouth open for too long. It's also the lingering numbness that drives me crazy. I hate feeling like half of my face is paralyzed and I'm talking out of the working side of my mouth. It has definitely started to fade, but it is still ever present and it's going on three hours now! I am grateful for the numbness during the drilling process, I just wish I could turn it off as soon as it's done. Especially because I had to come into work immediately after my appointment and I feel silly trying to talk. C'est la vie.

My next appointment is in August so I've got a little more time until I have to brave the drill again. Luckily they are only tiny fillings. I can't wait until I'm only going in for regular cleanings.

Now that I've been to the dentist and I see what work I need done, I cannot stress enough how important it is to go in twice a year for cleanings and to floss daily! I know it can be scary, but do it!


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