Friday, June 10, 2011

Yesterday Was MY Day

In case you missed the memo, yesterday was MY day. Yep. The whole day was dedicated to me. Prayers were answered, the stars aligned, and my fate was decided.

My morning started off with the usual alarm set for 5:55. For once it didn't feel as though I were glued to my mattress. Strange. So I soaked up a few extra minutes of leisure lying before getting my morning cup of joe. I brought my mug back with me to my bed (I really love my is SO comfortable) to sip and read my emails before getting ready for my big day. I discarded the daily emails from Rue La La, ideeli, HauteLook, OneKingsLane, J.Crew, Eziba, Victoria's Secret, and Lamps Plus, etc. before checking my other email account dedicated solely to job searching and acting. Inside waiting for me was an email from an actor friend of mine telling me he was officially SAG eligible. I immediately clicked on the link he so kindly provided and discovered that I, too, was now officially SAGe!!

This was a long time coming with numerous delays in the initial time for filming and then again with waiting to hear back from the SAG office after we filed all of the necessary paperwork. Luckily, everything was eventually sorted out and now I have the option of joining SAG whenever my lil heart desires! A big step in my grand scheme.

So with things already on a roll, I got ready for the day and picked out what I was going to wear to my audition in San Francisco. Since I knew I wasn't going to be on camera, it was much easier to pick something to wear. The floral print blouse I wore would not have filmed well on camera. I was oddly calm for this particular audition. Considering it was for an agency for possible representation, I should have been far more nervous. I guess all of my preparation left me feeling confident. Always a plus! Once I was satisfied with my appearance, I got into my car to drive to BART. On my way out, I ran into someone who kindly provided me with a new pool key. I had lost my previous key last year around this time, but the HOA charges a whopping $75 to replace it. Seemed silly and incredibly steep for a $3 key, so I just haven't been going to the pool. When the opportunity arose to obtain one without paying that much for it, I jumped. Now I have my new key!

I got to BART without a lot of hassle and found a parking spot. I bought my train ticket, paid for parking and got straight on the train in a seat that I liked. Unfortunately, I had an undesirable person sit directly next to me, but I managed to ignore him and the blaring music coming from his headphones. I opted to get off on Powell St. instead of Civic Center because I was incredibly early and figured I could burn some time at the mall. I purchased a bagel and cream cheese at the Bellini Cafe and enjoyed freshly squeezed orange juice, too. I worked some more on my monologue even though I was already feeling pretty good about it and then I walked up to Nordstrom to check out the shoes. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without, so I walked down and headed towards the agency. I was early, but I figured it was better to be early than to be late! I sat outside across the street and went over my monologue a few more times and called my mom to tell her I was getting ready to go inside. Even though I was there, I still wasn't getting very nervous. Don't get me wrong, I still had some nerves, but nothing even remotely close to the last audition I had (and blew) with an agency. Maybe this one was just meant to be! I had written some goals in my notebook to accomplish this month and so far I've achieved 3 out of the 4! All three in ONE day. I'm telling you, yesterday was MY day.

I walked into the agency 15 minutes prior to the appointed time, which was good because the girl at the front desk, who greeted me by name (super sweet and wearing the cutest maxi dress), had some paperwork waiting for me to fill out. The agent called me in a few minutes after I finished writing and I still felt incredibly calm. She talked to me in depth about different pay scales, the type of work that is done up here in the Bay Area, and asked me what I would like to be doing. After she finished, I was definitely more informed than I had been when I walked in. She asked me if I had prepared a monologue (which I had) and after I was done she offered me representation! I was ELATED. Once again...MY DAY. I tried to contain some of my excitement, but there was no way to hide that kind of joy! I told her that I wanted to think about it, and I would call her today to give her an answer. After I closed the door, I had a mini freak out happy moment and I did a little dance. I already knew what my answer was going to be...I'm not stupid...I'm ACCEPTING her offer!

So while I was walking on Cloud 9, or prancing rather, I had a smile on my face and people were looking at me left and right. I am sure I was glowing. I even gave five bucks to a guy playing the guitar in the BART station because I was so happy. He was surprised and shouted to me that he wasn't going to spend it...he was going to save it! Someone made my day, so I wanted to make someone else's day. Mission accomplished.

I will be telephoning the agent this afternoon to give her the nod and accept. Next goal on my list for the month is to get an audition (or three) and book them (at least one). I need to get paid! Hopefully this will be a good fit. I felt a connection with her immediately and she seemed like a no-nonsense, get-things-done kinda woman. I liked her. Now to sign the paperwork and become a working, paid actor. Making strides!


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  1. I'm a few days reading this but Congrats!! I'm so thrilled for you Krista =) This is awesome