Thursday, June 30, 2011

The ULTAmate Deal

Are you enrolled in Ulta's ULTAmate Rewards program? I signed up a while back because I couldn't resist the opportunity to earn points and get coupons in the mail. I didn't really think much of it because I don't shop there all that frequently, but I do pop in from time to time to buy some necessities like my favorite conditioner in the giant size, nail polish, mineral makeup, and other doodads.

The last time I went in to buy my overpriced shampoo the girl who helped me told me that I had accumulated enough points to get a discount. I opted to hold off until later, but she did inform me that they expire at the end of June. I kept putting it off and putting it off and finally June 30th was upon me. I still hadn't redeemed my points! So I went into Ulta after work today and bought myself the new curling iron I had been wanting to get, but just didn't want to spend the money on.

My New Curling Iron

When I went in the curling iron wasn't $39.99 anymore, but $29.99. An instant bonus! I used my 20% off coupon and then discovered I had $20 worth of the points that I accumulated over the course of the year. My grand total after sales tax? A whole four dollars and thirty-eight cents. $4.38! Can you believe it? I was shocked, but mostly thrilled!

This might have been the best $4.38 I spent on a hair tool ever. Talk about bang for your buck!


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