Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Wedding

This past Saturday my beautiful cousin finally married her long time beau. It has been a LONG time coming and she was glowing! They are so much in love and quite honestly, I believe they were made for each other. They are a perfect match. He is such a great guy and they balance each other so well.

Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal, Shoes: black Guess platform heels
Accessories: silver bracelet from Forever 21, silver chain I fashioned into a bracelet

The wedding, which took place at Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto, was gorgeous. They stood in front of a small arch adorned with flowers and directly behind it was a small fountain. She came down a set of stairs and walked down the grassy aisle to the tune of Canon. She was stunning. Her dress - amazing. When I saw them standing up there together I could see their love for each other.. It was an intimate affair with mostly family and a few friends and it just felt special. Their colors were gunmetal gray and pale pink. It truly would not have been my cousin's wedding if pink wasn't incorporated in some way!

The Happy Couple ~ Sara and Jeovanny

They hand delivered their favors to each guest, which I thought was a nice touch. I can't wait to try out the Wedding Tea they gave us. So cute! The food was delicious (I had the cheese enchiladas) and it was exactly what I want at my own wedding...Mexican food! Really though, the cake is what I was most interested in! Three layers that were all different. Can you even believe it?! I was thrilled! Triple vanilla with strawberries, chocolate truffle, and orange almond. I started with the orange was decadent. Then I moved onto the chocolate truffle and finished with a taste of the triple vanilla. The frosting was vanilla buttercream and I made sure I grabbed one of the fondant butterflies that no one else wanted! Besides the sweets, I also indulged in several glasses of Sangria. It wasn't very strong in terms of alcohol, but it was too good to pass up!

The Program, The Wedding Tea Favor, the Bubbles, and the Bubbly

The entire affair was sweet, sophisticated, and sentimental. We sent the newlyweds off with a bevy of bubbles and cheered them on as they drove off into the sunset. They are truly blessed to have found one another and I know that they have a lifetime of happiness before them. 

Congratulations Sara and Jeovanny!


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