Monday, June 20, 2011

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

I've been sick for nearly a week now...I'm getting better, but I just can't seem to shake it! It's entirely possible that I had the flu, but I'm completely in denial about the whole thing and I'm convinced it was just a really nasty, nasty cold. What I couldn't ignore was the fever and body aches. I pulled through those pesky symptoms and I'm hoping I start feeling more like myself soon. We shall see.

In the meantime, I'm going to start writing more consistently. I haven't been blogging because my former laptop decided it was time to die, and I feel the incessant need to play catch up. So, if you find me posting multiple times per day, I apologize profusely. It's kind of like making up the homework you missed at school when you were home sick. You have to do all the stuff you missed plus everything that is assigned the day you come back.

Lucky for me this current bout of insomnia is helping me get a jumpstart on things. I'm blogging before 9 a.m. west coast time! Imagine that.

So while I'm simultaneously thinking of blog topics, what I'm going to wear today, and how I plan on making it through yet another manic Monday, I'm leaving you with some of the things I'd like to do today rather than go to work...

{Inspired by Amanda Blair and her "This weekend..." posts over at A to B}

Go to Half Moon Bay
Photo Found Here

Wear one of these
VS bikini

Read this
Photo Found Here

And sip on one of these
Margarita Found Here


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